Heat Shrinkable Braided Sleeving
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Heat shrinkable braided sleeving consist of polyester multifilament and special modified polyolefin filament, it will shrink when expose to heat source, this unique woven construction makes it extremely flexible, easy to install on the hoses with irregular shapes. Suitable used in rough environments, providing excellent abrasion resistance and noise reduction.
Technical data
Material  Polyolefin+Polyester
Operating range -40℃-+125℃
Standard color Black
Shrinking ratio 2:01
Certificate ROHS,Hanlogen free
Tool Heat gun,Oven

Part.No As suppliedD After recoveredd PackingL
HSS-010 10.0 5.0 400m/spool
HSS-012 12.0 6.0 350m/spool
HSS-020 20.0 10.0 200m/spool
HSS-025 25.0 12.5 150m/spool
HSS-030 30.0 15.0 100m/spool
HSS-034 34.0 17.0 100m/spool
HSS-040 40.0 20.0 100m/spool
HSS-050 50.0 25.0 100m/spool
HSS-060 60.0 30.0 100m/spool
HSS-070 70.0 35.0 50m/spool
HSS-080 80.0 40.0 50m/spool

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