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MCR Polyester Metallic Sleeving
MCR is made of Polyester but offers a dazzling metallic look and provides full coverage without transparent elements in the braided construction.  The result is lightweight tubing that is smooth, flexible and offers a continuous metallic shine.

Provides a metallic surface with durable protective covering over cables, wires, tubes and non-metallic objects.

Technical Data:
Material: Polyester
Operating: -50°C-- +150°C
Melt point: 250°C±5 
Standard color: silver and gold
Certificate: RoHS, Halogen Free
Cutting tool: Hot knife

Part No. Nominal Size (W) Expanded
Packing (L)
Inch  mm I.D. (I) O.D. (O)
MCR-006 1/4" 6 5 8 100m/spool
MCR-008 5/16" 8 7 10 100m/spool
MCR-012 1/2" 12 10 16 100m/spool
MCR-019 3/4" 19 18 26 100m/spool
MCR-032 1 1/4" 32 31 42 100m/spool
MCR-038 1 ½” 38 37 49 100m/spool


1.     Nominal size indicates the flat width.
2.     A BK or GR after the part number will indicate the sleeve color.
3.     Because of the expandable nature of the sleeving the following sizes are indicated as follows: 16mm =15mm. 19mm =20mm, 32 =30mm, 38mm =40mm, 51mm =50mm
4.     Special packaging, size and colors can be supplied upon request.
5.     All numeric data shows average or typical value, not including customized sizes.

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