Velcro Braided Wrap
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PVTW Velcro multifilament wrap is a non-expandable sleeving woven from polyester multifilament yarns. PVTW is lightweight, high-strength and offers excellent abrasion and flame resistant properties.  Wraps easily over cable bundles or for quick breakouts, just bring the cables out through the Velcro.

Widely used in industrial machines, electrical appliances, shipbuilding, railway vehicles, aerospace industry and automotive sector.

Technical Data: 
Wrap material: Polyester
Velcro material: Nylon 
Operating range: -50°C --+150°C 
Melt Point: 230°C±5 
Flammability: VW-1 
Standard color: Black, White, Gray
Certificate: RoHS, Halogen free 
Cutting tool: Hot knife

Part No. I.D. (I) Spread Width (W) Length (L)
PVTW-20 20 80 50m/roll
PVTW-25 25 95
PVTW-30 30 115
PVTW-35 35 130
PVTW-40 40 146 25m/roll
PVTW-45 45 162
PVTW-50 50 178

1.     I.D. indicates the round inner diameter. Nominal size indicates the flat width.
2.     A BK, WH or GR after the part number will indicate the wrap color.
3.     Special packaging, colors and different sizes can be supplied upon request.
4.     All numeric data shows average or typical value, not including customized sizes.

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