ZW Zipper Braided Wrap
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ZW Zipper Braided Wrap
ZW sleeving is as easy to use as zipping-up your coat. Removal or addition of cables from the sleeving is an easy task due to the special design structure, which also provides additional protection against abrasion and flame.

Used as a protective covering for wires, wire bundles and harness cable assemblies, flat ribbon cable, tubing and hoses.

Technical Data:
Material: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
Operating range: -50°C-150°C
Melt point: 230±5°C
Standard color: Black
Flammability: VW-1 
Approved: RoHS, Halogen Free

Part No. Nominal 
Size (W)
Max. Bundle 
ZW-12 12 8 Upon customer’s
ZW-20 20 15
ZW-30 30 20
ZW-50 50 35
ZW-64 64 45
1.     A BK, WH or GR after the part number will indicate the tube color.
2.     Special packaging, colors and different sizes can be supplied upon request.
3.     All numeric data shows average or typical value, not including customized sizes.

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